Friday, July 6

Parades and Pirates

Not knowing what to expect, I watched the celebration of US Independence Day (4th of July).
Some of the island youth decided that enough is enough and the only way to regain independence is to become active.
After all, counterinsurgency might actually save Democracy, or that freedom we are always bragging about in this country.
Let's savagely regain our liberties, stolen from us by the cronies in power = become a pirate!


lindsaylobe said...

Tell these young folk to support the Sea Shepherd. They could even become volunteers on board and delight in raising their ships flag upon encountering a Japanese whaler.

I visited her not long ago when she was moored in Melbourne and made a modest donation. Watched an interesting video of the young captain and crew, all volunteers who man their ex maritime boat, complete with helicopter pad to scour the ocean for the dreaded Japanese whalers.

The boat can outrun these whalers who it seems are rather frightened of the sea shepherd!

However their other ship the Farley Mowat is currently travelling across the world with its crew of brave volunteers, towards Iceland to intervene against their illegal whaling activities.

Currently, the ship and crew has crossed the South Pacific searching for and confiscating illegal longlines on their way to the Galapagos.
Visit their sight at
Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks Lindsay - I'll post your link one more time ...

Cym said...
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Nazli said...

Hey - fellow human, fearless defender of goodness - are you still smiling?

How's your summer?

Zee Ya!

Gary said...

Aaarrgh! Ahoy mateys - my kind of insurgents. May they live long and fight many battles against evil minds and lazy leaders...

Dr. Nazli said...

Zee - I know you're loving the mermaids but what's the story behind the banner.

you keep smiling!

Zee ya!