Sunday, July 29

Europe and such

Das waren noch Zeiten ...

Some things never change.

Walking the fields, scouting on trails in the woods, water dispersed on small falls, having a beer with friends and relatives after the hike.
Some things remain constant, namely the little joys in life. There is no "apres moi le deluge" mood at all. People still seem to embrace the future and wish for common betterment, not only that personal gain thing which dominates western civilization. Embedded in tradition and focused towards new horizons - I still have hope for Europe!
I so much would wish that the "new world" and the "old world" could learn from each other. Perhaps then America (US) would transform it's present state of puberty and become a more mature entity- and Europe would shed it's sclerotic notions of old and learn to be a flexible, inovative and smiling contender again.
For now we just have to wait and see!


Segue Seoul said...

your beautiful life!

these days it feels as if cultures and places are encapsulated.
this seems neither good nor bad; seems tragic, seems pure; seems unreconcilable; seems to actually have nothing to do with time or distance: but, yes, everything to do with time, distance.

four years since i've been in the states/in korea

your blog pics remind me of my former life living on martha's vineyard so long ago and even more distal 2 summers on nantucket after hs gradu so long ago those nights of first freedom kicking home along the cobblestones after 12 hours of kitchen work baking brownies for tourists through the fog blowing in so magical absolute magic the fog horn bellowing so deep so lonely magestic haunted fresh perfect knowing my first lover would be waiting with the windows open

Ingrid said...

Amen to that sentiment Zee. Soak up all the good vibes from your 'old' country.. and bring some back to the 'new',

Zee said...

Will do Ingrid!
Segue, the most charming note I received in a long time. Thank you.

lindsaylobe said...

As the creditability of the current incumbents of US policy sinks to new lows a revitalised Europe indeed could take a much more decisive role on the world stage, in relation to human rights and values and improved outcomes on climate change; to embrace wellbeing aspects generally.

I adjudge there si no better time!! I think the world would be prepared to take much more seriously a revitalised Europe, if it was to arise from its former ashes. There is no better time to vigorously address the current situation, to recover and shake of the shackles of the quagmire of lower standards of governance, justice and the acceptance of abuses, but rather to turn to a renewed commitment and genuine desire to upheld human values and rights.

We have the question of Iran and possible economic aid tied to discontinuance with nuclear weapons. The progress to make against corrupt regimes in Africa which can be reversed if we have the will.

Small steps seem to be evident with the United Nations for a climatic agrement aspects by 2009 by the European Union which now seems to also have the tacit approval of Canada, Japan and some of the emerging economies.
Food for thought !! what about starting a war on poverty !!
Best wishes

Madcap said...

I'm sure glad you're still writing, Zee. Your take on things helps keep my head open.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice.
And by the way, you're very sexy when you're all Euro. ;)

calamity said...

still in europe? you should drop by :)

btw: you look so german on that pics, i guess the beer in your hand does the trick :)

calamity said...

still in europe? you should drop by :)

btw: you look so german on that pics, i guess the beer in your hand does the trick :)