Sunday, July 13

a letter to my brother

I am stuck on this island until the end of July ... willfully!
Got a cold yesterday and have some kind of "temperature" - haven't had that for ages (years). It's a funny feeling when you are all miserable and feel sorry for yourself. Don't worry, it is just minor. I was just not used to this stuff anymore.
Next weekend will be the Pirate Gathering on Greens Island, just across from where I am. Perhaps that will "erect" me, or in worst case scenario just create a simple erection, or none of the above. But it will be fun. There will be lots of music!! I am part of the organizing/welcoming committee, so despite my ancient age, I feel somewhat included ((bla, blah, blahh).
Painted the hull of my boat with some wicked toxic anti-fungal paint yesterday, so I am all good to go (maybe that's why I'm sick - all those copper nitrates seeping into my skin). I know there is such a thing as disposable gloves, but when you are on a mission, not even the head-master of hell can stop you, gloves or no gloves...
On the more delicate side, I scavenged a pretty fine Washburn nylon string acoustic guitar the other day, with a decent pick-up made in Finland (not China for a change). Fine craftsmanship and good sound for $140 and a twelve pack of beer. (It included a guitar stand and an awesome soft-case)

Life is good, as long as you keep tickling the toes of the muse!
Be well brother,


♥nova-san said...

Well, despite your cold and temperature symptoms, it doesn't seem so bad to be "stuck" on an island!

$140.00 for an acoustic guitar? I've been looking to buy a guitar since I've been meaning to learn. One day soon, perhaps...

Before Sunrise said...

Beautiful pictures!

I hope you get well soon :)