Thursday, July 3

Red, Blue and White

This is a spread of the paper USA-Today on July 1st. I don't think "most of Americans" conjure to more oil drilling, that is just not so. I believe they find condolences inhaling several company plans to reduce dependency on oil.

Putting little petty holes into here or there, siphoning up an other drop, means nothing.
It is such an banal struggle, the world can not function on scavengers. And so the US has officially become a Third World country as of today. But this is not the time to bail out - yet.
Take the survey on the left if you have the energy, or else enjoy red, blue and white ... and dream on.

Oh jeah, the pictures are from my garden, but what might be more interesting is, that after Bush got this years annual cash (162 billion US$) approved by congress, the expenses paid by the US-American people for the adventures in the Middle East now add up to $813 billions and rising since the war begun.
Is it going to stop anytime soon? I think not.

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