Friday, July 4

White, Black and Red

So yes, I am in that sleazy bar up around 120th West side in Manhattan, the only bar around within walking distance from my "host family".
That was four years ago or so.
The manager/owner was Jordanian. Nice guy, interesting stories to tell. He used to be a tutor for a while in a school in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was still under the living.
Anyway, the bar had only three customers in the late afternoon. Him, me and and an other dude...
The situation changed aaround nine PM. The owner/manager called me to the kitchen and told me to stay put. The fun begun.
More and more ladies, with dubious motives, came in and changed their regular clothes into some kind of costumes in the kitchen, the bar filled up with people, a party in progress.
After a while I meant to leave, I had enough, the air was heavy and thick, so I tried to make my way to the exit through the crowd. "Hey white nigger, how are we doing today? You caught a glimpse of my woman, do you want to fuck her?" I just smiled and went back to the kitchen and asked the owner if there was an other exit, there is always an other exit. But right now and then there wasn't. So the owner, the Jordanian guy, plowed me through a bunch of black niggers to save the white nigger.

What I am trying to say here, I love niggers, no matter black or white, yellow or red.
So since this is on record now, I can go on and talk about Obama and why he should opt out of the race towards presidency. A lengthy intro to make a point, I know...

It is just so. I make my calculations with careful considerations. The economy is in shambles, the credit companies act like wolfs, the housing market is at loss, the Dollar is worth shit, oil prices will hit $200 a barrel before fall this year, heating will become a luxury next winter, food prices rise, so will unemployment.

No, it is not Armageddon. I wish to call it adjustment.
So why in all earth does a white nigger like me has to vote for a black nigger right now, in 2008/09? Why doesn't he vote republican instead, so the miss-lubed machinery of nowadays grinds it's own wheels to a halt, and let them Republican idiots take full blame for our present miserable situation, the economical and the ecological downfall.

The bottom line is, if McCaine wins the election - all he will inherit is hell, and I think this would be a fair finale to conclude the Republican dream. But for Obama, it would be death - and that would be no good. I want him to succeed in four years from now, not inherit the present hell-hole. That is, speaking as a wise white nigger, embracing the black one.

All the power to Obama, but as you see - it's a tricky, if not an unsolvable situation!


gfid said...

i feel the same way about Obama. like he's a sheep being fattened for slaughter.

you're in a dark place these days. maybe you should paint your toenails a bright color or something.

Seraphine said...

the economy makes me uncomfortable.
the n-word makes me uncomfortable.
in four years when the next election comes, maybe things will be better.
mccain or obama will surely take credit for the improvement, whether deserved or not.
odds are, whoever wins this election will be president for eight years.
it's the stupid economy, not the n-word, that matters.

Sarah J Clark said...

I HATE the word n*gger.

Posted my coverage on Sen. Barack Obama's visit to KC. Check it out if you like.

lindsaylobe said...

Whoever inherits the white house will inherit an unholy mess; an economy that has been unsustainable for such a long time. But I think sentiment counts for a lot for if Obama was to win I think in the eyes of the rest of the world the USA would immediately be in for a significant rise in overall popularity. Particularly in Bush’s proclaimed countries referred to ill advisedly as the axis of evil. A groundswell of improving sediment overseas will have a trickle effect which will be positive. Whether many voters realize the significance of this factor remains to be seen. ‘It’s time for change’. I have noticed as soon as Obama started talking about negotiating with warring parties you have the old chestnut of talking to the enemy and so forth; the abstract line drawn as clear as mud in the sand, where the world consists of the so called good countries and the bad ones and those to whom one must never even attempt to engage. To do is to engage in ill defined negotiation with the enemy and to be seen as weak.

So whilst I must concede as to your perspective as what’s presented economically as being akin to drinking from the poisoned chalice, an Obama win is viewed with much more excitement internationally than from within your country. The undeniable fact is clear; Obama is the great positive sign to the rest of the world and particularly the moderate Arabs.

Best wishes

Lee said...

My dear old friend...has it been so long? Hey, just dropping a line to remind you that it's all illusory and temporal anyway, and the best we can do is probably just that: the best we can do, in our current (as in this very second) moment, with what we have learned from this bitter and gorgeous lifetime.
Hope to share some iced tea on the porch with you soon, as soon as I can get my feet back on the ground with the job/house/fam/blah blah blah...
Much love to you my friend.

aaz said...

So the assumption is that McCain makes things better after 4 years (or 2 years of McCain followed by 2 years of say Romney). Big problems require strong leadership. And besides everytime I hear McCain speak I fall asleep - boring.

♥nova-san said...

Where are you, Zee???