Tuesday, July 22

Pirates and fisherman

...some kind of explanation or story about this event will follow later.


my goodness gracious, I just don't have the energy right now to give you the scope of all the details
Let me just say: The pirates took over this small island again. An annual event,,,


♥nova-san said...

The story that the pictures tell me: a gathering of friends, camping around the lake, good times with good friends.

Am I close?

Ingrid said...

Zee..did you not describe something like this last year?? I seem to remember something in my foggy brain...looks like you had fun and at least got better from that cold you had..


gfid said...

aarrr! hoist the watzit! jib the mainthingy! ....still waiting for the story.

lindsaylobe said...

Yes Ingrid-~Pirates and buccaneers took over the island for a rollicking good time as best my foggy brains recalls! But is this another invasion, a new crew or something different ?

Hoist the flag to celebrate those dastardly deeds of pirates glee, treasures to be shared on captured soil ? .

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks for all the comments, I am not able to respond to them individually. But the string of tidbits tell a story by itself.