Saturday, November 22

I just have to do this

I understand that 86% of my blog visitors are females, and I know that they also don't like to hear all the time this "worldly-political-stuff". You know, the things that an other gangsta was hiding in this closet, financial breakdowns around the curb, filthy rich CEO's getting mullah to retire wherever they want to, and so on.... We, the club here, mostly stick to poetry and music. But sometimes music will not tell the tune.
So I can't help it. There are so many bizarre things happening around the globe. It is tough to keep up with them and with that overload of information in order not to become estranged, detached and insane.
This thing freaks me out a bit though ladies, and I will do this free hand since I lost my "cut and paste" stuff altogether.
So there are these pirates on the east coast of Africa, they capture any kind of vessel, even super-large oil-tankers and keep them for substantial ransom; and they get away with it. I can't believe this is actually happening.
All right, so the Pirates are coming in with speed-boats, well armed and such. Their aim is to mount the boat and get control. But with all the gadgets (gps, sound blasting canons, security wire around the premises and so on, why is this still an
issue? Now on top of it, Islamic extremists are searching for the hijackers in the Somali port of Haradheere because they believe that this Saudi registered ship is not to be captured, a sin against Allah. An Arab boat is not to be touched.
What the heck is this. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish etc. etc. boats?
A boat is a boat.
The other thing that bothers me, and then I will shut up, is the consistent misery found in Africa in general. I don't even want to go there where (again Muslim extremists) slaughter innocent people, but rather to the last cholera outbreak, the famine, the droughts, the incompetence of any - yes ANY - kind of political system to make any difference for the common people in that continent.
AFRICA is the lost ground, it all could be different - but it ain't.


Lee said...

Funny, I was just reading about the pirates yesterday thinking, "Are you shitting me?" Something smells really odd about that kinda thing, and I'm certain there's more money being made than lost.
As for Africa, my goodness you've got a perjorative sense about you today! If we, as a planet of fractured nations (nations...what a bizarre notion) could just mature (evolve?) to the point of realizing that we're all just extended family members floating around on a tiny rock, my God we could actually HELP each other instead of watching each other starve and wither and die and decay because of....whatever the hell the reason du jour is for not helping.
Sickening, really, but totally avoidable.
On a different note entirely, I'll give you a call early next week with details of the fire'll be a hoot! Bring an instrument or two!

Zee said...

Yeah, give me a ring Lee, that will keep me somewhat sane! (and yes, I'll bring instruments).

You know Lee, they have heat sensors in freight trains in the US, connected to satellites, so no broken personality or broke dude jumps the train. If you want to risk it anyway, you need to wrap yourself into insulation foil, otherwise the "central office" will get a signal. You are immediately located. My son can sing a song about that one. There is now a whole trade of underground info going on which trains are wired and which ones are not...
Now, you would think, if they are capable of preventing hobo's jumping trains by means of satellite recognition, you would assume that a super-tanker with millions of assets (oil) would be able to do the same. (or actually better).

Ingrid said...

Zee, I'm not one of those women so go political as much as you want. Africa is getting screwed like the rest of us but it's just not in the news. Again, it's all about the resources. I read somewhere that because of the extreme poverty in Somalia, that people have turned to piracy.
the thing that made me wonder was, the pirates were demanding, what, a million dollars or something? Is there a bank open in Somalia who can facilitate that or is it all black market?? I don't know, it just sounded 'funny' but then, what do I know about money laundering!!


Zee said...

I am not trying to sound like a fascist capitalistic pig, but these pirates have absolutely no interest in "Somalia" or whatever adjoining country and their populations. They are just interested to gain for their own.
How they launder the money? Heck, I don't know. There are hundreds of ways to do it. From actual cash, to bank accounts spread around the globe. What the hell do I know about this. As far as I am concerned, once you have an asset (tanker or such) you get the money.
And the other thing is, yes and I know it's late on my side, therefore it will be abrupt: Shoot the bastards on sight, kill them!
As you know, I am not a big fan of capitalism as we know it, but this random hijacking is not an avenue either.

Zee said...

One last prediction I N G R I D
Africa will suffer until the collapse of the so called "western economy" where the Dollar always rules the oil trade. This brought Saddam Hussein to fall 'cause he wanted to trade in Euros, it cripples Nigeria right now (an oil rich country) because the "big oil companies" can't find their way.
I bet you know that Nigeria is part of Africa.
No matter how much aid you send to this continent, the sore story rmains the same.

ANNA-LYS said...

Huge bias or prejudice against us females (or just a smart trigging introduction).
Anyhow, what other females interest are or are not is not up to me. But, I care too much sometimes about the unfairness and unjustness in our world. I very much try to find or even create a little corner of light (Lys) and hope for us.

I am also careful not to get into a discussion with Americans when it comes to the world problems ... because we have such different ways of looking at it, that the outcome of the dialogue gets bad.

To me, a dialogue must have respect for others thinking and way of expressing it ... You don't have to share meanings, different opinions are better, because we can learn from each other.

Through out the years as "blogist" I have been called so many dirty things by Americans due to me not liking pollution, terror and war. So, I will not go down that line again. And I know we are many European women that share this experience.

So, my dear Zee ... we are not unconcerned, on the contrary, we are too concerned ... and even in Blogoland we act quietly, upon those matters on blogs in America.

Anonymous said...

There have always been Pirates ... and who hasn't seen Johnny Depp in a movie about them? That the "take" is a little more valuable these days is all thats different. The owners of these tankers are very well insured and they don't want to add to their expenses by installing state of the Art security systems. And so the world spins madly on. Nothing much eve changes and the same goes for Africa. It is heartbreaking and that is one of the reasons why women mostly hate Politics. Men are still the prime instigators and managers of war mongering and the money to be made from it and until they change, not alot else will. Just my humble opinion.

Zee said...

A N N A-lys
Of course I am a biased, macho, primitive, warmongering, stupid male...

Oh, by the way - I am not a full bred American, I just happen to live here for now.

And yes - I do like your last line "...we are not unconcerned ... but too concerned..." It rings true to my ears.
Truthfully, all this is not a gender thing. I just sometimes start posts with a provocation - that's how I function in the blog-sphere; not in real life!

Zee said...

A g g i e - go back to your hammock - ah, just kidding ( still jealousy running through my veins, ahah).
Your "humble opinion" is pretty much right on. Unfortunately it is men who keep the miseries and wars around the globe going.

Zee said...

Damn, now I betrayed myself, being a man and all :)

Anonymous said...

Lol@Zee ... I forgive you for being male and you can come and bite over at my place anytime. I like to provoke in my comments at times too. It makes the blogosphere more interesting.
Gotta find something to do while twisting up the hammock and spilling the drinks all over me.

susan said...

So whaddaya mean by that remark? Are you planning to offer us free copies of lipstick stained 'Ladies Home Journals'? There's not many wimmin up here of my acquaintance who aren't ready for a whole lot more political stuff - sometimes we even do our own versions before dropping by to see what you're up to at sunburst.

I heard this morning the Somali pirates are in negotiations for Citi Bank now they have all this money and need some professionals to launder the stuff.

Zee said...

Do we know each other?
What is this stuff about lipstick???
Do you woman sometimes get a bit too defensive? I don't know - I don't blame you either. Comes with the territory I suppose.
Look, I am not a mean guy, nor a sinner or your regular "buddy" who lives next door.
All I meant to convey, is that there is a delicate balance between reality-shock and romance. You have seen me walk that high rope before. So there.
It is not a gender thing, so don't be bloody offended! It is instead the miracle and "twist and shout" to make any sense in this digital world.
So let's go for now to Somalia and Pirates. Actually, let's not go there. Never been to Somalia, never been a real pirate either.
So there you go, I know nothing....

Ingrid said... and I wrote about the switch to Euros which cost Sadam dearly. And Africom is intended for the same old 'oil' and I are on the same page with this.. I know where Nigeria is?? Surely you were getting 'passionate' in your response..
hehe.. anyhow..yes, piracy is piracy but still, what the heck can they spend all that money on?? Are they planning a big move out of africa and think they'll live happily ever after?? I don't get it.. and when I think about these things.. I 'need' to get it or understand it but I know I know.. the world according to Ingrid is a very logical place with your random unexpected variables..still, to use a quote out of 'brother where art thou';
"that does make NO sense"! (imagine the accent..)


lindsaylobe said...

Using ‘mother ships’ with global positioning systems/satellite phones the pirates cover nearly 1 million square miles of ocean. It’s nigh impossible for the few warships controlling the area to locate the mother ships; like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The mother ships dispatch the speedboats armed with 14.5 mm anti-aircraft machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. If tankers were armed and responded they risk being blown up or involved in an almighty bloodbath. It has been reported they have recently been refurbished at cost of 150 million gained from recent ransom payments.
The long-term solution is to help the Somali government re-establish control of security over lawless coastal regions, but that’s not easy when the country remains in a state of civil war. Africa is the world’s least urbanized continent and its vastness makes it very difficult to transport goods, peoples and different ideas between neighboring states. Hence rural poverty remains endemic especially in sub- Saharan Africa where 12% of the world population only share in 1% of the worlds GDP. Poverty has shown to have a very strong correlation in practically all civil wars. Even Ganges Khan understood that. But $1 invested in those countries goes along way and is equivalent of $20 spent in the west ... …… imagine if the amount of money spent in Iraq was devoted to investments in improved infrastructure in Africa.
Best wishes

susan said...

Dear Zee,
I love you as ever like a cranky brother and sister do. We are all what we are but are wise enough hereabouts to see in mutuality the dangers the world still holds true. I read all the comments of your other good friends earlier but I'm glad I popped back over before bedtime to read Ingrid and Lindsay's comments too. There is so much being wasted right now and the world is in too much immediate peril not to listen to wisdom. If bloggers ruled the world it would be a better place.

Seraphine said...

whaaa? your women bloggers don't want to hear about world events? that's a sexist statement. and very untrue.

Zee said...

Tongue and cheek Sera,
sometimes you feel like a tick on my butt and I just want to scratch it.
And this perhaps is an other sexist statement?
Superiority of the female gender, if allowed to blossom in a healthy way, is exactly that: Not world affairs (or domination) - but weaving local affairs to build a tapestry of sanity that encompasses the world.
And once woman in politics stop playing the "mans-game", being more macho than their male counterparts to prove their point, maybe then things will change.
Until then, I will always make fun of "Thatcherised" woman.
As for "soft babes" who don't want to hear about world affairs, they are on the right track as well, those woman ar the "Non-Thatchers", and an invaluable asset or contribution to the future of humankind.
But then again, I will tickle their toes and make fun of them as well...
Nobody is spared here.