Wednesday, November 5

the song: This is your victory!

I had a night, that was not blessed with lot's of sleep
but I guess the sheep
I took no time to count them,
others did.

The miracle is not in the making anymore
the janitor has already cleaned the floor
Obama must now carry the sun
undo what others have begun

The hope is high, the hope is slow
what will turn out, you only know
the leaves will fall this autumn day
and that's as much I dare to say.


ANNA-LYS said...


Congratulations USA!


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Ingrid said...

I'm allowing myself to feel happy and relieved. My politically Independent self will still have plenty of 'commentary' but let's face it, sometimes the change that's needed is a change of heart. The American people have responded and been reminded by Obama over and over again that this is not only 'their' victory, but that 'they' need to put work into the future they want to see.
They can no longer remain apathetic and they need to take ownership of their political environment, local, state and federal. Put those laws that favour corporations, out of business and the bought for politicians (on both sides) alongside of them..

susan said...

It was a very nice evening and I'll hold onto that for a little bit longer. Nice sentiment, Zee.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee …..Nice words and congratulations to the peoples of the USA, warm feelings and sentiments are all being echoing all over the world in the first initial wave of hopeful optimism. This is particularly true to our news coverage in Australia which is representative of the good feeling about it down under.

Best wishes

Zee said...

thanks everybody!

Seraphine said...

one can't redo history.
the janitor, after all, has already cleaned the floor.
but the present makes a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

The task ahead will be difficult, but there's comfort in knowing that we now have a president who understands that thinking and listening are good traits for a leader.