Sunday, November 23

not done quite yet

The chill is on. A mile away from my homestead they create artificial snow for the slopes. Temperature is hovering around -10Celsius/5Fahrenheit. Some like this stuff - I don't anymore. I'd rather be in a hammock with Aggie, kissing sun rays and spilling drinks because the damn thing keeps moving back and forth. Who cares, we can clean up later.
So today I am doing this "personal" kind of post, let you in into my secret closet, there is no Time magazine, USA-today newspaper, Le Monde or any other kind of scary written stuff to be found. It is just me with a chewed up teddy bear, resting peacefully where the spiders like to dance.
Oh shit, I almost forgot what I meant to say, what I am actually talking about.
Some of you know my struggles, it is that education thing. Sometimes I am brilliant, and sometimes lousy. Depends what's on the menu.
To enlarge the possibilities, I decided to get certified as a teacher in New York State. It will take some random stupid facts of learning, funneled into my brain by bureaucrats and I will have to spit these tidbits back to them, to get the points I need to score. But so be it. I am willing to transfer from being a free agent in the private educational system, to an approved person who can walk the high-wire of public stardom.
Wish me luck.
P.S. I am working on that "fall" song. Need to figure out the details of sending audio files back and forth so they stay 'multitrack'. Some of the contributed lyrics will be incorporated ... deffinitely!!!!


jozien said...

Dear Zee, I am loving it, getting to know you a little bit (this way).
I live in that world of snow (7 months a year) With it comes darkness, which gives me time to blog. (and contemplate, meditate).
I like to send you my christmas wish, in order for you to truely follow your heart, and only become a 'teacher' (you already are, in my book) or chinees, if you really want.

Zee said...

You are pretty special J O Z I E N
You picked up on something that hardly anyone else does. Yeah, so, thank you!

Ingrid said...

good, as someone who was once an 'adult' student..ignore the youn'uns!! [g]



Gary said...

I like that photo - very alive.

Zee said...

Are you still a "youn'one" Ingrid? I thought you to be more mature, but then, I might be wrong.

Zee said...

I am sorry Gary - you can't make a living with images anymore, unless you have a job at National Geographic.
But thanks for the compliment anyhow!
So - how are you, yes you ... going to survive this winter?
I am not sure I have it personally all planed out to the detail. I just noticed recently that I have no more sympathy for cold spells. On that note, are you planing to go to Mexico again???? Please don't be shy to let me know!

Anonymous said...

I hope it works out as teaching can be so rewarding. Getting through the pc garbage to get your quals can be a pain. Still, I happily share my hammock and drinks and hot sun with you to help keep you warm through the winter months.

Zee said...

Thanks Aggie, I mean it - thank you!
Take a trip north for me when and if you have time. The thousand mile (or is it hundred, yes I think it is) beach is awesome. There is a little place for backpackers right at the beginning, sublime. Near by, 20 to 30 minutes by car, there is the original forest. But on top of the cliff right over the Backpackers house, which is beautiful, there is this old homestead, a "gum-makers" place. Check it out. It's worth it.
Yeah, I am not going to speak about your hammock no more - promise! So indeed, if you need some info or contacts in the North Country of NZ, I will dig them up for you.
Keep in touch Aggie.

Lee said...

Okay, Friday around 3p.m.....come on over! Bring an instrument or twelve for the musical portions, something you feel like burning for the fire portions, and leftovers if you feel like your fridge is overstuffed. You do remember how to get here, right?

Zee said...

Thanks very much, I will make it there somehow Friday. I know that you live on the border of nomansland, I sort of remember where that is, something to to with a funky bathroom - that place , right?
Just because I am getting old and somewhat hopeless, please send me your new land line number just in case - oh, in case I get lost at will do...

Seraphine said...

that's capital! you'll really enjoy the public school system. instead of being an inspiration for children, you can teach them the finer aspects of how to pass the no child left behind tests. at a time where it isn't cool anymore to learn.
by the way, the state of california is reducing available funding to schools by something like 20%. because of the budget deficit.
to heck with our children, let them eat snow.

Zee said...

Ok, all right ... very encouraging indeed, SERA
On the bright side, there are enclaves left, schools in the public system that do well and sideline standardized tests in favor for "real" learning.
There is hope. And maybe the lunch-snack does not to be snow.

gfid said...

i'm with Gary. that photo is alive. and i agree with others, ... i think you'll be a very fine teacher. one who teaches kids to think and learn - not just regurgitate data (as you're preparing to do yourself, in order to improve the system for the upcoming generation) i had 2 most excellent art teachers (i'm assuming it's art you plan to teach?) - one in jr high and one in high school. both of them independent thinkers who had strong influence on me. another very dear friend is an artist/teacher. fascinating person. maybe i'll do a post about her.

most of my experience teaching is not in the public school system, but i've been teaching privately since god was a kid, and it's one of the most rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) facets of my life. my intermediate class, who i'm very proud of, is doing Pachelbel's Kanon in D for the big christmas tree auction / fundraiser this week. your equivalent will be fabulous art shows, probably with live local music and equally live discussion of current events.... lack of sleep.... i'm blethering.... blessings on this new journey.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
You already are a great Teacher, so put up with all of the registration and accreditation nonsense and enjoy the your teaching experience. Life experience is also the great teacher but Teachers scotch whisky (in moderation) can also be the great experience.
Best wishes

Zee said...

You are too much Lindsay but you are indeed a wonderful friend. Thanks for the encouragement!
We'll see what we can do.

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Luck
and have a happy thanksgiving period


Zee said...

Thank you Anna-Lys!