Tuesday, February 3

It works

It is still in an experimental league, this song... but most of the technical kinks have been sorted out. Peter and I took some time to get over these hurdles, now we can do multitrack recordings from whoever wishes to participate on this globe. It is fairly easy to contribute from wherever you are, and if you need help with it, we will "walk" you through.
There is a friend of mine from Paraguay - he plays some mean Rock'n Roll ... and he is interested! (he is also a fantastic surf-board builder). So watch out, there might be surprises coming down the "pipeline".
If you wish to participate in a project, or you happened to know someone who would - please let me know, OK?!
(PS. On G-cast, the embedded player, I can NOT delete old uploads. Sorry for the inconvenience of having several versions of same old, same old. Just stop the player with that pause button or search "posts" for a completely other tune, I would suggest "Valley Below". Thanks)


ANNA-LYS said...

I love this project!!!!!
This is what internet is for!
I will be back on this subject and also inform others about it.


This week I am guest-blogging @
if You like to share some thoughts ;-)

(( hug ))

ANNA-LYS said...

Swedish tune isn't it?

(an Anna-Lys from Sweden)

ha ha ha

Zee said...

Jada - det aer nok en Svensk vise, Anna-Lys ... but I came across it in Norway, so that was already a translation before I again translated it into this English version.
...noen kommer, noen går
noen dør i livets vår
stjener lyser hvite