Monday, February 2

son of a ....

I just realized that my latest postings tended to become more and more negative and depressing. My apologies, it was never my intention to drag you down!

But the fumes of poison still surrounds us, the outcome inevitable.
I might not experience or see the next dawn,
though I am fairly clear that I will be witnessing the break-down
before the dust settles.
The Lazarus tree was never there,
it was always a song in the air
and the birds chanting so fair
are just a melody.

OK, I will post sexy maidens, pictures of beauty, other nature lovers delights - from now on, for a while
until I grow tired and old of living a lie.


Anonymous said...

I hope you cheer up soon there Zee. I'm sure the pics are very pretty, but they don't do anything for me. Lol!

_z. said...

yeah cheer up my friend, life is too short to be negative all the time...

love the picture!
did you take it?

Seraphine said...

when all fails
try something else.

Bettina said...

You do also to a certain extent decide how your life will be and whether you are happy or not, without wanting to. Maybe you can decide that it will brighten up a bit? That the dust will settle and there will be some grass and flowers underneath? No need to live a lie. But there is a lot of beauty around. Focus on the positive, find pleasure in little things.

Sending some sun and good thoughts.

jozien said...

Ah, I am happy for you.
And a lie? who's the judge?
Beautiful picture!

Zee said...

Shit, I don't know what to say after all your kind and clever answers.
One thing I can assure you, I am almost around "the hard bend"...

SaoirseDaily2 said...

What will happen - will happen. But if it makes you feel better to write it out, then do. But, I love pretty pictures and the music is devine.

Go out and enjoy your Tuesday!

Zee said...

Muaahh Saoirse!
So you are a pirate?
You must come to the annual pirate party next summer on this island witch has no grid now stores no nothing of that stuff. The place is within the Penepscope Bay in Maine.
See you then.