Wednesday, February 4

Uruguay calling

This is really rough, just one take, harmonica ok, my voice just dry and improvised on the spot - oh well...
There is a friend of mine in Uruguay - REVERB who builds the most awesome surf-boards, but he also plays music, a bit more upbeat than the famous surfer kid Jack Johnson and his "On and on..." albums. Don't be taken aback, I actually like some of Jack Johnson's tunes, really!

The picture is from a top of a mountain in Hawks Bay NZ, particularly posted for Aggie, since she doesn't get turned on by naked woman (maybe man), but she might also get aroused by barren hills, naked and eaten away by imported British sheep. It is too bad that 90% of New Z's indigenous forest got chopped away for mammals that go "BAAAEEEH" for two legged creatures who go "maaaeeehh".
Sorry, no nudes today, only the naked truth.


Anonymous said...

Great music and thanks for the photo. I'm more of a water baby myself and I tend to turn in the other direction from inland towards the ocean. I'm Pisces you see - I can't help myself. Baaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

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