Saturday, May 22

The first one is always the most astounding

The first poppy popped
and it reminded me of my first love
delicate yet powerful, truly astounding

Flowers and woman are in common, so I stopped 
admired the beauty and a dove
was cooing in the surrounding

Then we think back to this day
and in many ways we fled our conversations
which could have happened right now - fatigue

It is startling to see how many games humans play
to artificially alter their situation
believe me, today was not that day, not that kind of gig


MyrleBal詩婷 said...


心良 said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest..........................

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
Lovely photo and evocative thoughts, But what happens to those thoughts and fled conversations – maybe they come back to keep us company another day! Best wishes

Seraphine said...

you never forget your first love
it is said
meanwhile i'm still stuck
on popping poppies

gfid said...

as a small child i was so eager to see the flowers, i used to 'help' them along by prying buds open. people all over the neighborhood thought there was some mysterious insect infestation destroying flower buds. they nearly lynched me when the real cause was discovered. poppies were among my favorites. still are, though i don't mutilate buds anymore. there's something irresistable about flowers with hair.

heartfelt sigh for lost loves, conversations that never happened. blessings, o melodious one.

Cym said...

Great picture, very lush green and orange, it's very magnificent. In relation to the poppy, just read a couple books about the history of tea, with a few chapters about the opium war.

g said...

i love your poem

g said...

i love your poem

g said...

i love your poem