Tuesday, January 3

New Year Post

This is (was) the heating means for the great Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. It is about 1500 feet away from the main building, maybe more. Who knows. Anyway, as youth and children we explored the "heating channel" dug deep underneath the soil. It was aery. We thought we were Tintin, a French cartoon character, with a little white dog, and a flashlight, exploring the cavities of the unknown.
So we went underground from the main building until we arrived at this "Heitzhaus", scary stuff, climbed out of the window, and praised the day.
Those were the days where fear was no option, there was no solution, only adventure. King was the one who dared the most. I was only crowned once, leading this adventure. The stakes weren't high, but the adrenaline flowed in abundance. After all, we moved in a cavity without clear outcome. Kind of a trip. That was then, what is it now?
For the New Year I am mostly pissed off. I will tell you why.
I hate that the BBC reports about North Korea as if they know what is going on, for days on end, without any kind of substantial facts. News about NO news. Pathetic.
I despise the European so called financial crisis, it is all bogus. Darwinistic economics have plagued our globe for centuries. Why do we "wake up" now?
What is the "Wall Street" demonstration all about? Why does it spread globally, even to Davos (Switzerland)? I think they have a point, even though they have no particular remeedy.
Earthquakes are in abundance, in Christ Church New Zealand and even Switzerland. Go figure. Mother nature says no, we stupid humans continue. Fatalities are preprogrammed. It is a shame.
I must say that 2012 will be a decisive year. No, not because the Mayan calendar or any other kind of other sublime message, it is decisive because we, as people of this earth, want it to be so.
Start locally, thereafter think globally. that's my sequence.
Best wishes - Lukas.


♥N said...

I agree with you about the end of the world happening soon. Maybe not this year, but soon enough. It's because we people are not kind to the Earth. We are good for self-destructing.

But... despite all those gloomy thoughts, I wish you all the best for this new year. I hope you'll write more, too. =]

Zee said...

Thanks Nova, all the very best to you too. You do not have a particular easy life either, despite great successes here and there.
I have the hunch, that 2012 will not only be a decisive, but also a very good year!