Saturday, January 14

this one is for Nova, just because I happen to like her

Ok Nova, not all is gloom and doom, there are brave and honest people out there. People who care about each other and the environment. There is a strain of hope. I happen to  experience such a community in my house at first hand. Five families living under one roof.
And then we had Cheese-Fondue together to ring in the New Year, ice and snow abound.
The party was outside - as you can see in the picture.
I am encouraged by a lot of things these days, the movement who started in Wall Street NY and spread all over, but mostly I am thrilled by the potential the youth, the next generation carries and presents to us.
2012 will be great!


♥N said...

This is so awesome, Zee. I love the feel of this post, as well as of the photo. People caring about each other and the environment - it's so simple, and yet amazingly difficult to find in these tough times - and especially all under one roof! You got a good thing going there.

love, good friends, cheese fondue to bring in the New Year... there are few things that could top that.

much love to you, Zee!

Zee said...

Thanks Nova,
I hope NYC treats you well. Once I got my feet on solid ground again, I will visit the city and we may have a cappuccino in your favorite cafe ... if you wish.
It will take me about a year to do so. Something like that. But it is OK, what is an other year when you find prospects of joy thereafter.
Stay well, love Zee.