Monday, January 30

Stupidity Tax to save the World

I have a new concept, it is called the "stupidity tax".  While Obama raves about normal statue of  taxation for people with over one million Dollar income, the G20 people in Davos chitt chat in hotel rooms of how to solve the "Euro crisis", Brussels will be next, same spiel.
Despite Obama's energetic speech when he addressed the Union, the question remains, and that is a question also to the "occupier movement":
  can emphasis on growth and  a "smart" budget  work? It does not belong into my vocabulary, that you can shrink and be lean and grow at the same time, that is an oxymoron.

They better make up their minds, those politicians and bankers, the CEO's of larger companies, the  investors who invest in blind faith.
Hence I propose a "stupidity tax" - only payed to me, for people who just blab in Davos and other places. I will keep 10% as overhead for the administrative costs, the rest will be donated to viable and needed projects around the world for people in need.

The "stupidity tax" is 5% of your annual income.

Once the world becomes a bit more sane, this tax will not be needed anymore and all goes back to normal. In the mean time - donate!

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