Sunday, January 15

Stairway to what?

In the German language, sky and heaven have an identical name, there is just one word for it: "Himmel".
God lives in the "Himmel", clouds pass randomly there above, the sun sets there. It is an interesting fusion. The English tongue differs. 
You either go to heaven or hell, but while your at it, you might watch the splendor of the sky. 
Language reflects an interesting issue about the mentality of cultures. I wish I could speak them all!


jozien said...

Hi Zee :) amore mio!
I a lover of language too.
What about, die luft?
meaning air and sky, i think....
Nevertheless thanks fo r making me aware, sky indeed a very special word, something to say for english speaking people indeed.

Zee said...

There is an Eric Clapton song, I believe it starts like this: "Will you know my name, when I see you in heaven..."
Luft is truthfully air, Jozien.
So now we have three levels above our heads,
I do have to make a correction though. Expressions exist in the German tongue which address "the sky", but it is then circumscribed, they go like this:
Morgenhimmel - morning-sky
Abendhimmel - evening-sky etc...
In those examples the "heavens" are not being pointed at, but the actual physical sky.
I believe the French differentiate as well, between ciel and celeste, kind of differen...