Wednesday, March 21

Casualties of war?

John Henry Browne said there was "no forensic evidence" against Staff Sgt Robert Bales and "no confession".

The lawyer representing this US soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in their homes has said there is little proof of his client's guilt. (BBC news)
I find this to be disturbing. It is clear to me, that in any kind of war-zone where people are summoned up to comply to this or that by deadly force, a soldier can "loose his mind" and go for a killing spree. It probably happened in every war or violent conflict thus far. 
But to deny that such an incident had happened, or to say there is no "forensic" evidence, is beyond my comprehension. What is the US doing in Afghanistan anyway? Ossama Bin Laden is dead, assassinated by special forces in Pakistan. Wasn't that the goal, to invade Afghanistan to capture him? Now that he is dead, what are US troops doing there - would drive me also insane if I were to be a soldier.
I said it before, but I say it again: Let the Middle East and the Arab World sort out their own issues, without interference from external powers. 

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Mercutio said...

I have to wonder if this was a military investigation or one under the local authorities.
The muslim tradition is to bury the dead as quickly as possible, and often the day of the death. The idea behind it is that the dead belong to God, and that interment is something of returning God's property to Him.