Friday, December 30

ahh ...

Vidar and Melissa
(son and lover)

I don't have to work.I don't have to do nothing
but eat, drink, stay black, and die.
This little old furnished room's
so small I can't whip a cat
without getting fur in my mouth
and my landlady's so old
her features is all run together
and God knows she sure can overcharge -
Which is why I reckon I does
have to work after all.

by Langston Hughes


Maria said...

Funny to see Vidar with his love! I know Melissa, she worked on are farm this summer, also together with me. Her mom cut my hair too! Wish them happy hours together....Maria

Zee said...

Thanks for your note Maria. Vidar is sick right now but recovering - and else, he is totally engaged in stone masonry. Mellissa is a very fine person, especially when you dig down below outer layers that might distract at first. They are good to (for) each other ... at least for the time being.