Monday, December 5


Sometimes I really wish I had my camera around all the time.
Went to this Irish pub in New Jersey (one of these places where you still can have a Guinness and contemplate while having a smoke)...
Anyhow, I met this lady - a wonderful woman. She was sipping her Martini and as I left, she was determent to hold my hands. Oh, how I loved that - since I was adoring HER hands for quite a while before. I wished so much that I could have taken a picture of her, and especially her hands.
It turns out that she will celebrate her 106th birthday next April - no kidding, her 60 year old daughter was there to and confirmed it, so did the bartender who knows her quite well.
I need to take some pictures of her, and talk to her some more. She was absolutely adorable, bright, and totally present.
Imagine all the things you can look back to if you were born in 1900 and your memory and mind is still acute.

Cheers, Lukas.

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