Saturday, December 10

Blah, blah black sheep, have you any wool ...?

Who is to say that winter starts at a fixed given date?

The picture on the right is taken in my neck of the woods, the picture on the left describes a brave soul in Sunbridge to create "Snowhenge."
I feel like that beast, chewing on some dried out grass while being covered with little hexagon shaped frozen flakes.
"Snow day" at the College on Friday made me come home earlier than planed. Was good, got a lot of "exercise" shoveling snow.
On the political front there is not much to report. In Canada Clinton attacked a central plank of the Bush administration's resistance to targets for cutting emissions - that it would harm the US economy. If the US "had a serious, disciplined effort to apply on a large scale existing clean energy and energy conservation technologies... we could meet and surpass the Kyoto targets easily in a way that would strengthen, not weaken, our economies," he said.
Global warming and melting ice, he suggested, could lead to a future climate conference in Canada being held on "a raft somewhere".
Yeah, very funny - but ah, we should take it to heart. In the mean time the conference in Montreal came to the conclusion "that we all should talk more" in the coming years. Good one- sounds like: Play me this song over and over again until we drown. "What's love got to do with it ... uhhps, "what's talk got to do with it ... it's just a second hand emotion"...
Talk on for years to come. Sweet, it will produce, no change whatsoever.

"Elections" are coming up in Iraq in a few days, let's see how that will play out. I predict: Nothing at all!
Saddam already stated he wouldn't mind to get executed and hanged - there I'll predict that he will be seen by people, even his foes, as a martyr for the cause towards the creation of a truly independent Iraq. We'll see...

On the homefront, the US is still struggeling to explain and justify secret detention facilities abroad, run by the CIA. There is this example of this lousy informant who got captured by the US in Afghanistan, brought to Jordan to be tortured - and as a result gave some bogus info about Iraq to ease his pain ... Turned out that this guy was a key "inteligence info" for the Bush administration to justify the war on Iraq.
Ok,I could give you some explanations why I think this is happening under our eyes while nobody can do anything about it. I will spare you with this, but belive me I am sort of outraged by the present developments.

Be good, Lukas.

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