Friday, December 30

Presidential order

President Bush defends spying on its citizens as critical move to saving American lives. He said some of the 11 September hijackers inside the US had communicated with associates outside before the attacks - but the US had not known that until it was too late.
The New York Times reported earlier in December that Mr Bush had signed a secret presidential order following the attacks on 11 September 2001 and thus it allowed the National Security Agency to track international telephone calls and e-mails of hundreds of people, without referral to the courts.

This is of course all absurd. If I were to be a terrorist, I would find ample ways to get my messages through to my collaborators. There are so many ways to evade any kind of control or spying that these new measures of Bush are just a useless fart that blows into the face of good willed citizen.
Let me give you just one example of how to evade government spying, and it is a pretty lame one as is, there are more sophisticated ways...
1. Take a nude picture of a woman, blow it up in Photo Shop or whatever else you use
2. Scribble a message on "her" nipples
3. Shrink the picture and post it on any old porn site
4. Let your culprits know where to look for the info by informing them through a public phone payed by a phone card
5. Get feedback on a blog that is mundane in nature, let's say: collecting post-stamps
6. Access the blog in a public library or even better on a private wireless network with your laptop
7. Change communication channels and methods regularly
Bottom line, there is no way that ANY agency is able to filter out the bad stuff, even if it were legal.
Since it is not legal anyway - impeach the bastard who is responsible for this, he has no right to snoop around!
OK, enough ranting for today


Gary said...

Enough ranting for that day! But don't stop - great post. And what is the difference between Mr. Bush spying illegally on his own citizens and Mr. Mugabe or Mr. Sharon or the Chinese leaders?

Yes, the US is a democratic and free nation, but when illegal surveillance, media manipulation and pleas for " you're with us or against us" occur - it's the same road being travelled...and not much of a model for those nations we hope will change.

Elizabeth Green said...

Good for you, Zee. As you know, our excuse for a leader is not smart enough to think of these things.