Thursday, December 29

Poem from Robert Bly

To President Bush at the start of the first Gulf War
This thin-lipped king with his helmeted head
Remembers the quirky fits of light
That temper the cobra. No, the temper of the dove
Does not fit him; and nothing in the world
Can bring him to bless. He will not feed,
Nourish or help; and his rabbity hand
Lifted in the fading light of the hemlocks
Waves to them, gestures to the young to die.



I was intrigued by the first Gulf War in it's insecurity of it's initial mission.
After all, Saddam, by invading Kuwait, was to certaine vital access in the Gulf to have his oil shipped out because Kuwaities denied access to ports.
Well, he might have been a brutal dictator, an asshole and a murderer - that still does not give the US a "green card" to invade Iraq a second time around.
The second "gulf war" will be the end of the US as we know it.

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