Saturday, March 31

Store of Delights

There is no reason to schlep all the goodies of life in your car trunk when you cross by ferry from Rockland to Vinalhaven. Sure, there is not the splendor of variety here on this island compared to the mainland.
But who would expect to find a variety of exquisite cheeses, local and from all over the world, fine olives, fresh backed and tasty bread, Portuguese air dried sausages ... you name it, in a small space of the Tidewater Motel.
Small is an overstatement. The store resembles the acquisition of a converted left over closet space but is bright and tidy. The wine selection is diverse and well thought through. Speciality beers of different microbreweries are also available.
So if you come to visit me, don't worry. There will be some essential delights of life readily available. All I got to do now, is get a small boat afloat, then we are ready. We will sail along the shores and enjoy a fine picnic amongst small islands, seagulls, blue water and blue skies ...
When will you visit?


DA said...

ohh would love to visit there. Goodies are my favourite..

Anonymous said...

Once I figure out exactly where you are, I may just drop by. Thanks for the virtual holiday.


Ingrid said...

When indeed? Perhaps when the weather has warmed up?? lol
Yes, where exactly are you anyway? How neat to have life's little pleasures available amidst simplicity and nature.. what a nifty cool little store/motel..

Madcap said...

I love little shops like that. I found one in our nearest city, and it's a delight.

Now Zee, I'm afraid I can't come visit you, but you're very welcome up here, you know. We'll find a corner to tuck you into.

Mone said...

ya..these small shops are jewels!

Segue Seoul said...

yes! ToDAY!

miss what is not here--

Did you ever actually receive mail from Seoul in January/February? I think perhaps it never arrived.


miss you, miss states, miss what is not here, not mine--hahaha...
I know VINALhaven is one kind of heaven for you & that shop makes it all the more true--

good for you!

jon said...

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