Tuesday, October 30

the beginnings of ends

In the beginnings there was the rock, pure granite.
The creases had weathered in time. The story goes, that Vinalhaven, the island off the mid coast of Maine in the US, drifted there all the way from Norway - long, long time ago. Of course that's a myth, but as so many stories have been told, myths add to this picture.
(I can't upload the image of choice tonight, 'cause blogger seems to have come to a halt ... OK, later!)

PS - so yes, Blogger cooperated today! Isn't that stone sexy - at least from a male perspective?


_z. said...

I love myths and legends. I always ask what if it was true! could you close your eyes, and just imagine it to be true?

why not?

break from reality, only for a while... and smile!

everything is possible.

Ingrid said...

Zee, whenever you're ready, (and blogger too), I'd love to see the creation you've been hewn out of that Indiana Limestone. I've been pretty much awol from my blog either writing stuff for the Chronicle blog (we're supposed to be writing about our running journey but of course, I can't help myself and write politics anyway haha) plus we've vacated the house for the next two weeks and packed most of it as if we were moving. Everything is in boxes boxes or quickly moved out of the house for destination goodwill (toys!).. I don't like where we're staying but at least it's for a short while. I better post something on that before my 'disappearance' becomes a conspiracy theory!

Zee said...

Yes _Z!
Myths are fabulous.

Ingrid, the limestone came to a screeching halt. Family issues - so I'm back to the shire (Berkshires) a tad earlier than planed. But I will be back to "The Rock" in about 10 days, pick up the rest of my belongings and finish the carving here

Ingrid said...

Zee, I'll wait patiently for the final result. AND...this rock reminds me of a hunnebed that you'll find in the province of Drente in NL where I'm from. Each one of those rocks weigh a ton and it's still a mystery how 'they' made a hunnebed out of it


Zee said...

OK Ingrid - I'll better go to work now!