Saturday, October 13

tears of fall

... and the rain beats on the window pane,
droplets only illuminated by grey skies.
Inside my heart I feel the pain
of outer natures demise.
And if I understand you correctly
not everything dies, just slumbers and takes hold.
We have to be bold and trust the course that life has given us,
a perpetuating force, perhaps this time resounding from an inner source.


I am starting a new sculpture, against all odds of resistance. Indiana lime stone. Strange matter; super homogeneous. I am also tempted to simultaneously start an other form in Vinalhaven granite, just to observe the difference of physical qualities. We'll see what happens.
Fall can be inspiring after all.


Gary said...

Let us know what you do and how it feels. I admire you.

Zee said...

You are too kind Gary, true life looks different compared to this slick virtual reality.
My "big" concerns are not being embedded into pixels, my private struggles stay mostly mute.
But I guess that's all right.
A water-pipe just burst last night, here in this island camp. I just gazed at it with disgust. Time to move on.

Ingrid said...

Zee, how nice to see you starting up a project again. And I'm sorry about the water pipe.. sometimes it would be so nice to just unencumberdly to work on an artistic desire without all those mundane problems in life..
distraction distractions distractions.. don't let them get to you.
Let us know how you like the different materials..

Zee said...

Ingrid, you are a constant inspiration!

Nadya said...

I read you profile. You are a lovely person. This photo is lovely too. I know you like Rachmaninov, so I invite you to my musical blog. Martha Argerich's video plays the No 3 Concert.