Saturday, October 6

putting together little chips to complete a puzzle

Decentralisation is king, it rocks, literally!
The other day a woman appealed a court ruling and lost. She had downloaded one album on a "free site". Now she has to pay $900 and change to the record company PER SONG!!! That's insane - those monopolies (companies) never treated the artists fairly anyway. So what the heck, why should they reap in the profits while we just wish to hear music ...
Anyhow, the stupidity of that woman I can not judge - she was downloading from a centralized database and server, of course that is uncorrectable . Your moves and footprints are all over the place doing this kind of stuff.
I personally download albums before they even have been released in record stores, and I have no shame!
How do I do it? By bits and pieces. A fellow in Japan contributes to the puzzle, so does someone in Austria, Norway, Brazil, US, and so on ... untraceable !!
Mind you, I still buy "albums" (CD's) I like. The ones I love get my "dow", no question.
But again, decentralization is the key here. May it be in agriculture, education, music, and so on ....

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Cynnie said...

900 per song ?
thats so wrong