Friday, October 26

east and west

Last evening I took these pictures from the rising moon in the east and the setting sun in the west. (Full moon is today)
It made me think of the difference in qualities and why the sun is setting while the moon is rising, a metaphor of todays global situation.
The "moon-forces" are on the rise, while the "sun-forces" are veining. We should try to keep a balance. Think about it, Islam is moon. Turkey (the Ottoman empire) even has a moon on their flag; moon forces are the propellant of the middle east: Division between intelligence and the propulsion of universal compassion. So while the sun-forces drown today, the moon-forces rise. Why is that so?
Simple: The sun has lost its luster, the rays can't keep a balance by themselves. Humans disrespect the sun and with it all earth existence. The West is Not the Best ( mocking the Doors) - the west lost touch in how to meet the east, balanced - with confidence and less violence.
No matter what religious or spiritual background you have, the present issues can't be solved physically and confrontational, but that is what is happening right now in high gear. No, I am not a "peace-freak" and "tree-hugger" at all - don't get me wrong. There are times to die and there are times to live. But it strikes me, that nowadays we have been pushed out of equilibrium by "moon-forces" being on the rise on this planet.
The virtues of moon forces: Diversity, specialization, reflective intelligence, consciousness of rhythms in time.
The virtues of sun forces: Unity, illumination, aural intelligence, consciousness of time in space.
Both are needed, but none should overpower.


Cym said...

This disharmony that you point out between the "sun forces" and the "moon forces", could also be described as a disharmony between yang and yin, extroversion and introversion, masculine and feminine, humanity and nature, spirit and matter. And as you've indicated, the world is truly out of balance, the dominant forces managing this world are leading us all down a path to self destruction - but I have no idea how to stop it, other than working on myself, working to harmonize these complementary aspects within myself.

Maybe with the more I learn I'll figure out some plan for helping the world, but at this point all I can really do is help myself, work on myself. I've found that people will always do whatever they want, regardless of what you or I have to say about it, and the people most receptive to change don't need much persuading, and will ultimately seek it out on there own. All you can really do is set an example, and circulate your ideas, and as Gandhi said, you've got to be the change you want to see in the world

Finding balance and harmony within myself and between myself and others is really at the center of all that I do or attempt to do, (maybe this is because my rising sign is Libra?) - but really balance and harmony (also called equilibrium and homeostasis) is prerequisite for any healthy system or relationship.

P.S. I like the pictures.

Zee said...

Thank you Cym for your brave and wise musings.