Tuesday, October 23

the long way home

While listening to "Thank you for the music" by Abba, the disgusting pop group from Sweden popular in the 70;s and 80's - I uploaded this picture and thought of roads and bends ahead.
Of course I like Abba now, they make me feel all sentimental about times when I still had emotions and opinions.
These days are gone - except ....
What else is new. The Ottoman empire starts to flex its muscles towards the Kurds. Former prime minister to Pakistan gets almost blown into pieces while returning to her country. California has a case of wild-fire devastation and AHHrnold calls emergency, no real help yet from the Terminator.
The Canadian dollar is worth more than the equivalent in US currency. The Euro trades for more than 1=1.42
Microsoft lost and withdraw their appeal in an EU court.
Apple has record stock marked gains.
What does this all mean?
Absolutely nothing.


Gary said...

It means you should walk along that road, breathe deeply, make love, eat good food and pursue your art. Let the dogs bark!

Zee said...

OK Gary, I will let the dogs bark, promise!