Thursday, May 13

Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues ... and me too!


Mercutio said...

This one is really good. I'd never heard it before.
I remember Gary Moore best for his version of "Shapes of Things." Yardbirds: suck. Nazareth: much better. Gary Moore: tops them all.
Still trying to forget about his time in Thin Lizzy. I don't see how a band as good as Thin Lizzy with a guitarist as good as Gary Moore would be such worthless crap when put together as one unit.

A couple of other musical items of note:
I just recently noticed that Brian Robertson was one of two guitarists to replace a single guitarist in Thin Lizzy (with Scott Gorham, they replaced Eric Bell).
Then Robertson went on to Motorhead (after Wild Horses), where he was the sole guitarist (having replaced Fast Eddie Clarke), and was replaced by two guitarists in that band.
Two for one, twice over; one side of it, and then the other.

Also, I was explaining the Dorian mode to someone, and I happened to notice that in the main riff to "Carry On Wayward Son" there is both the minor 6th (the highest note, an F) and a major (Dorian) 6th (the lowest note, an F#).
Interesting, eh? They throw in that Dorian 6th in a minor pentatonic riff-- but after going for the minor 6th.

Zee said...

Mercutio - I owe you big time! Not do I only still have your prints, but I didn't manage to reply to the twisted story you send me per e-mail.
Sorry, I was very shaky lately but I am now gradually getting back on my feet.
Sorry for the delays.