Monday, May 3

Is there a tomorrow?

I certainly bore you to death by again picking up this subject. But now it's definitely closure time.
Tree planting, a plum tree I believe last Saturday in honor of Emily. I came a bit late, so I was not able to join the bunch of people to ride a horse up the dirt road - unfortunately! Haven't been on a horse for many years, would have liked to do so now. But oh well, maybe I can persuade the family to give me a horse and then take a ride at a later point. I am rusty, need to replenish.

Did you know that horses are one of the oldest species of animal life on earth, genetically speaking? They survived the dinosaurs, maybe because they were more intelligent than them.
I wonder how the human species will do in the future, is there a tomorrow?
They, the humans,  are a beautiful and soul-full creature, but somehow they seem to have a hard time connecting to all what is around them. 

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Seraphine said...

i've been planting too. i planted a peach tree and a lemon tree this spring. both are 'dwarfs' so they won't get too tall to reach the fruit.
i love the horse picture.
humans don't connect to the world because we try to shape the world to our needs. we think we can improve nature.
i'm sure the horses are laughing at us, genetically speaking of course.