Saturday, May 1


What is power, which kind of power, who exercises it?
In Cape Cod in Massachusetts, there is a fair amount of opposition to an offshore windmill project that would generate a fair amount of energy. The reason, it could potentially kill some seagulls and it would also be an out of the ordinary sight for day-sailors cruising the bay.
In the mean time we follow the news of probably the worst oil spill in the United States caused by a defunct oil-digging rig run in the Gulf by BP, 1.5 million gallons so far oozed.
 They cant even plug the thing to stop the oil spilling out more, because the well is 5000 feet deep.  This might go on for months. Devastation is inevitable.
Well, my opinion is, I'd rather see a few seagulls chopped up by windmills off shore than having to witness the destruction of vast habitats of the magnitude this oil spill will surely provide, not to mention about the loss to the fishermans who are all grounded for now.
I am not basically against off shore oilrigs, as long as they are save. But I lean more towards energy independence that would supply  energy without the dependence of fossil fuels.

Until people fully understand the havoc wreaked upon this country, as well as the rest of the world, by the capitalists corporations amongst us, there is little hope that we will see much change to our energy or economic policies.
Exploitation rules - the poor continues to get poorer, the middle class is disappearing, and the corporatists like BP will, once again, walk away unscathed.


Seraphine said...

the reality is there are people who will oppose anything that can be opposed.
it's called the 'not in my backyard' syndrome. nimby.
some people even oppose peace. you'd think things like peace or solar power or tree preservation would have universal appeal, but contrary opinions exist.
windmills are noisy. they are an eyesore. they chop up birds. they are a navigation hazard.
its always something.
oil will be leaking for at least another week, i heard on the news tonight. at 200,000 gallons of oil a day, another 1.4 million gallons will be leaked into the environment-- on a best-case basis.

Zee said...

"Nimby" - that's funny!
I don't even know what this enchantment word means. Derogatory of nimble? Well, I will have to look it up.
You are right Sera, there are always people who will oppose sensible development - just for the sake of getting an ego boost.

Seraphine said...

nimby is short for 'not in my back yard.' its an acronym.
it refers to a person who tries to keep something from being built in their neighborhood. usually, it iss something like a chemical plant, halfway house or a major highway, which would presumeably lower a property's value.
but there are people who oppose *anything* whether it is constructive or not.