Sunday, May 9



If a fish swims in
a pond without sunlight
it still keeps to the
Greek sense of peace
and the oceans gentle breeze
and the sun's soft warmth
comes up over the hills
gently touching me
and all the world around me
will come to a stand still
unless the wheels keep spinning
and Greek food makes me fill.

So we had that game last evening, waiting for the food to come. It was in a Greek tavern. There were four of us, my wife, my daughter and her man-friend.
The rules were such. You write three lines and then fold the paper, leaving the last line exposed. Handing it over, the next person continues to scribble. We did four rounds, then the food arrived - delicious. It was my birthday present!
Above is one example of the four "poems".  It's hilarious and just fun, by simply trying to do it, you'll see people sweat before they get hot. Give it a try!


Cym said...

Hello Zee, happy belated birthday. That sounds like a fun game, will have to try it sometime, it turned out pretty well. Haven't been in for awhile, but I do subscribe to your blog's feed in Google reader, and there haven't been any new updates coming up since March. Wonder if you or anyone else has noticed this problem with your feed not updating? It may just be a problem on my end, but if not, I thought I should let you know.

Seraphine said...

the poem game sounds like fun. at least you are all more-or-less on the same page. when i'm with my friends, there is always somebody who has to be outrageous. so the poems would never be remotely as cohesive as your group.

gfid said...

happy birthday, Zee. i enjoyed your youtube recording. you have a beautiful voice. did you lay down the violin tracks yourself?

g said...

happy belated birthday

enjoyed the greek poem very much and imagining the birthday dinner made me happy