Saturday, March 19

I kind of liked Gaddafi, but now he is out of luck

For over thirty years he ruled Libya, sometimes with charm, taking interviews from foreign reporters in a Beduin tent in the middle of the desert,  he was like "the King of Arabia" even though he lives in Africa. He should have become an actor in a Hollywood flick, I believe he would have done well, at least in earlier years.
Now it is all over. The Arabic world is in turmoil, and also the sisters and brothers in North Africa are shouting and crying out for democracy to begin. Can´t stop that train!
I try to learn that lesson, that gesture how we can and learn from history. Gaddafi (how do you spell his name in Arabic???) on the other hand did not care, he doesn't give a rats ass. (about the people)

His glamourous life is over, and he never managed to be a star. Kind of sad, but oh well, I will get over it.


Mercutio said...

Fuck a bunch of Khaddafi.

Zee said...

FUCKING ... and then the consequences - tricky business
Sometimes I wonder who did whom, not always crystal clear.
There is an other expression, it is called to make love. I know, sometimes that don´t work either.
Just to use dirty language, because sometimes it is just much more simple. Gaddafi got licked his dick from the West for decades, despite his record. (an airplane bombing comes to mind amongst other things).
Now we presently decide (who is WE?) to land some cruise missiles there, and say: Fuck him. I don´t know what comes out of this, all I know it will not be simple. Nothing is simple these days.
Thanks for your comment though, Mercutio - it is always refreshing to have your input.