Tuesday, March 8

the theorem of survival

survival - it is spoken like that, is it not? YOU  open your mouth, and before you know it, something quite strange enters into it. It could be junk food in Biel (Swizerland) while waiting for a friend to arrive, or it could be anywhere, it could be a fish with poisonous toxins, it could be also at MacDonalds once again where you wait for the BIGMac to get smothered in plentiful of ketchup to soothe the general aroma. (perhaps there it is, where pickles are served - if and when you  are the golden child).
I am not trying to bitch about things, since I could not care less about them McDonalds and all their prosperous walkabouts. They will drown in saturated grease, a bit at at a time.
Fastfood hence makes my ordinary life not jive.
The theorem of survival, well - I will get back to that.

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