Saturday, March 12


I will not post any grotesque image to underline my point. You can find them elsewhere (everywhere).

 In quiet pose I sit here, contemplating. It is not the forthcoming death toll that will be shocking. The abrupt shift of nature which affects hundreds of thousands is the massacre. Nature has no pity, conscience or or convenient answers to humans. We are both pawns and creators of life, and if there is a God, he probably wished it to be so.

The earth does not contemplate, shall I have an earthquake or rather a flood today... the earth as a living being subsequently follows laws other than the rational of human beings, laws that are not yet well understood.

I wonder how much more tremulous days we have to experience before the tidal waves will calm.
But for now,  to the many brave and courageous people in Japan - my heart stretches out over the oceans in support.


Zee said...

.... and now this nuclear plant problems; does not look good

Saoirse in Spokane said...

So well written Zee. Nuclear crap I fear will be out downfall.