Thursday, March 17

I lost my cool

Look at this, there is a helicopter dumping seawater at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Wow, how amazing. Could it be, that I MISS THE POINT here? Where is the fleet of aeroplanes, the ones which dump water during wild-fires and such. I mean, there is such a thing, isn`t there ... or was I just stupid and dreaming the last twenty years?
A helicopter to seize a nuclear melt down. That is quite something! What else do you got? Tractors? Come on, this is Japan we are speaking about, not Gadaffi, ah well, that of course is an other issue, want even go there right now, but the so called West must figure that one out, promptly. Where are we - ah yes, sideways by the saltwater balloon dropped from the helicopter who then saved the world. Did it?
As you can see, I am back to my own cynical well-being again. I am not overly proud now of all my conduct lately, but I also I find this stuff what is going on right now inferior, this dabbling dizzy way my compatriots and  their life's and their livings are slewed in a coma whilst being awake, this  is becoming a pathetic drama with no real director in sight, and the backdrop, oh the backdrop inexcusable, or should I say politely: Is it not?
When my most adored teacher and friend left this world about four years ago, he said - Lukas, I am tiered, I can not deal with the zombies who incarnate on this globe anymore, therefore I will leave now. 
Of course this sketch is not finished, but I will also leave you now, new life adventures in ten minutes, that is if I make it in time...
I did not go, I suppose the train left ten minutes ago without me.
Instead I watched Karate Kid number 2 tonight. It seemed to be appropriate,  all imagery was about balance, measure and beauty. Something we need.  And when it came to the scenes between the beautiful and composed Japanese young woman and the Karate Kid...  I just felt tears in my eyes, could not help it.

Now, that is just a movie I am reflecting about. But what are we going to do in real time?

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