Thursday, March 31

Am I an old-fashioned punk who only likes sardines as bait?

Have you read the BBC web-pages lately - the language there is awful.
Here is an example:

"Our problem we need help - communication, radios, we need weapons," 

What the hell is this: "our problem we need help"

I mean sorry, English is not my mother-tongue, neither did I study that language. My written English is often crude, my spoken English ornamented with colorful expressions. If you meet me on the street, I would not appear to be an Shakespearian scholar. In the contrary, I like simple talk. But the BBC is going too far, too many a times. It just pains me. Language is the breath and expression of our souls, and once we start to castrate bits and pieces, the punctuation's, the flow of the melody - we are doomed to digress to stone age times.

So, the proper sentence is: Our problem is that we need help - simple as that, just a few more  punches on the key-board, two more words. Big deal - ah? Yeah, big deal actually.  
I see the same nonsense happening on Swiss and German news outlets, degrading my present status quo of a human being to the level of a Neanderthal cave citizen. 

Language does matter - have no doubt about it. What has this to do with Sardines? Well, I opened a can today, I suppose they where from Portugal, tasted a chunk, but it wasn´t that grand, tasted like bait to me.
Sometimes bait is the only way to go, but not always.

Tuesday, March 29


I believe I have a personal crisis.
It is hard to avoid the news, or the not so news from Libya.
In the mean time Fukushima is on the sideline, for us all. And it should actually concern us prominently, it should be THE topic of the day, every day.
But no, this is not so. Diversions all around.

I have a problem with this. Because I really don´t care who will drive the camel fleet to the next oasis in Libya - Gadaffi friends, rebels, or muslim brotherhoods, or some other kind of tribe or ethnicity. Frankly, I don´t give a rats ass how they figure it out. Democracy you see, is as lofty as an unwritten blank page. So you can´t defend an unwritten blank page with fighter jets and then call it liberation. How arrogant have we become to believe that we can figure it all out for them, and that the so called West will save civilians and prevent internal slaughter within nation states, this time Libya? 

If you have three pence to the penny, you know that the above actions are totally absurd. History is made by deeds of inspiration, not force which is sole nuisance and retardation, sometimes necessary perhaps, but not in this very case.

Instead we should focus on the 100´000 and more people who died in Japan, actually no, we should not do that. Rather - we should concentrate and support all those who are still alive, who need shelter, who need comfort. 

And - the Fukushima thing is not over yet - a wake up call to us all.

(PS that painting has "evolved" and has become very dark and black lately. I am gonna change it in due time)

Wednesday, March 23


I miss the old good pirate times on Green Island. I also know that this is a rerun from an earlier post ... so what, I just feel nostalgic.
I suppose there are three kinds of sea-born pirates these days, the ones in the Caribbean (though I have never met one in person), Somalia (never would like to meet one) and the ones on the coast of Maine, a very upbeat and friendly bunch indeed!
All other pirates, those goofy heads from banks, insurance people, politicians and what have you not who always stay on the mainland, those are not even worth being called pirates, they are just thieves; there is a difference...

Sunday, March 20

after what?

I shaved today, I guess some male people do that. Not sure if its for the appeasement towards the other gender or has some altogether other kind of cleansing function, I mean I am really not sure.
And then you have Aftershave, basically alcohol with a smell. You are supposed to put this on after your done. I really don´t know what this is good for. Does it save my skin or does it attract butterflies. Heck, this is over my head!
So today I tried out something new. I put the aftershave on first, and then after that I shaved with the razor. What a miracle - it worked.  After this experiment I still smelled like a pimp. No matter how you do it, you can not ever do it right. My conclusion, aftershave is a well thought out marketing gimmick with a lot of odor, nothing more.

Saturday, March 19

I kind of liked Gaddafi, but now he is out of luck

For over thirty years he ruled Libya, sometimes with charm, taking interviews from foreign reporters in a Beduin tent in the middle of the desert,  he was like "the King of Arabia" even though he lives in Africa. He should have become an actor in a Hollywood flick, I believe he would have done well, at least in earlier years.
Now it is all over. The Arabic world is in turmoil, and also the sisters and brothers in North Africa are shouting and crying out for democracy to begin. Can´t stop that train!
I try to learn that lesson, that gesture how we can and learn from history. Gaddafi (how do you spell his name in Arabic???) on the other hand did not care, he doesn't give a rats ass. (about the people)

His glamourous life is over, and he never managed to be a star. Kind of sad, but oh well, I will get over it.

Thursday, March 17

I lost my cool

Look at this, there is a helicopter dumping seawater at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Wow, how amazing. Could it be, that I MISS THE POINT here? Where is the fleet of aeroplanes, the ones which dump water during wild-fires and such. I mean, there is such a thing, isn`t there ... or was I just stupid and dreaming the last twenty years?
A helicopter to seize a nuclear melt down. That is quite something! What else do you got? Tractors? Come on, this is Japan we are speaking about, not Gadaffi, ah well, that of course is an other issue, want even go there right now, but the so called West must figure that one out, promptly. Where are we - ah yes, sideways by the saltwater balloon dropped from the helicopter who then saved the world. Did it?
As you can see, I am back to my own cynical well-being again. I am not overly proud now of all my conduct lately, but I also I find this stuff what is going on right now inferior, this dabbling dizzy way my compatriots and  their life's and their livings are slewed in a coma whilst being awake, this  is becoming a pathetic drama with no real director in sight, and the backdrop, oh the backdrop inexcusable, or should I say politely: Is it not?
When my most adored teacher and friend left this world about four years ago, he said - Lukas, I am tiered, I can not deal with the zombies who incarnate on this globe anymore, therefore I will leave now. 
Of course this sketch is not finished, but I will also leave you now, new life adventures in ten minutes, that is if I make it in time...
I did not go, I suppose the train left ten minutes ago without me.
Instead I watched Karate Kid number 2 tonight. It seemed to be appropriate,  all imagery was about balance, measure and beauty. Something we need.  And when it came to the scenes between the beautiful and composed Japanese young woman and the Karate Kid...  I just felt tears in my eyes, could not help it.

Now, that is just a movie I am reflecting about. But what are we going to do in real time?

Saturday, March 12


I will not post any grotesque image to underline my point. You can find them elsewhere (everywhere).

 In quiet pose I sit here, contemplating. It is not the forthcoming death toll that will be shocking. The abrupt shift of nature which affects hundreds of thousands is the massacre. Nature has no pity, conscience or or convenient answers to humans. We are both pawns and creators of life, and if there is a God, he probably wished it to be so.

The earth does not contemplate, shall I have an earthquake or rather a flood today... the earth as a living being subsequently follows laws other than the rational of human beings, laws that are not yet well understood.

I wonder how much more tremulous days we have to experience before the tidal waves will calm.
But for now,  to the many brave and courageous people in Japan - my heart stretches out over the oceans in support.

Tuesday, March 8

the theorem of survival

survival - it is spoken like that, is it not? YOU  open your mouth, and before you know it, something quite strange enters into it. It could be junk food in Biel (Swizerland) while waiting for a friend to arrive, or it could be anywhere, it could be a fish with poisonous toxins, it could be also at MacDonalds once again where you wait for the BIGMac to get smothered in plentiful of ketchup to soothe the general aroma. (perhaps there it is, where pickles are served - if and when you  are the golden child).
I am not trying to bitch about things, since I could not care less about them McDonalds and all their prosperous walkabouts. They will drown in saturated grease, a bit at at a time.
Fastfood hence makes my ordinary life not jive.
The theorem of survival, well - I will get back to that.

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