Wednesday, May 17


Today the world was how it needs to be
calm with intensity
standing on the bridge
watching the flow of traffic
running restlessly below my feet
whilest composing pictures with cameras and also dwell on thoughts of my own.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Those golden rays of cascading lightbeams reveal a highway, no time for travellers but new modern art for an artful overlooker.

DA said...

I have been working too much and missed a lot of your writing L.! I apologize for the last comment. you caught me at a bad time. I should be ranting over here in cafeda. Great pics!

Haider Droubi said...

nice pics ....when i am over a bridge..i feel i am walking in a direction..and life(high way) is going in a totally diffrent one..and i wonder how is going in the right one ?me or the others...such a relief to see others crossing the bridge with me ..

Gary said...

Love the pic on the top right particularly. Nice capture of light.

Zee said...

Thank you friends for nice comments!
And Dimitri, you can rant as much as you want :)

Gary said...

Left this on my post on suntanning:


Sorry to be such a bummer Zee.

I want you to live a good life my friend, by your own conscience, values, spirit and creativity. Make your own decisions and enjoy it all. I admire what I know of you greatly.

And if you are tanned, that's fine with me - I'm tanned too. (But I don't overdo it anymore, you know...burned red and just lying there soaking up UV.)

I also love cheese, whisky, dark strong coffee, rich red wine and a good Cuban cigar now and then.

Life's too long not to enjoy it.

9:45 PM

Mirvat said...

very nice pictures zee. happy you´re enjoying your time

Zee said...

oh yes...

summersun70 said...

Wow! Splendid pictures!

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.