Monday, May 29

What's this?

OK I get it. Memorial day is all about remembering the brave woman and man who fight overseas so I have the luxury to gulp down barbecued chicken tonight. No, that is wrong - start again. Memorial day is all about sacrifice of defending freedom. Nah, that doesn't cut it either. Memorial day is about the dead, the sacrifice of soldiers who fought for freedom and now lay slain deep under the ground.
I guess it's an other great opportunity to party and come together with your neighbors, why not.
As long as it is for the right cause, we should continue dancing with the dead.

So here is a pic that shows you my beginnings for the construction of the recycling bin I'm building. Thought you might like to "follow the process".

Cheers, and remember - most stores are closed tomorrow (Monday) because people will be flooding churches, synagogues and mosques to honor Memorial day and pray for the slain who defended our cooperate freedom of capitalistic growth.
Blessed be all, as the pope will say, standing there and giving a sermon in Auschwitz tomorrow.

We live indeed in a bizarre world I would say, don't know if I entirely can get used to it.

P.S. Oh yeah - and thanks so much for your abundance of comments about Memorial day. It truly helped me to define my own vision of this event.


Granny said...

You have one now.

Zee said...

Thanks granny, you are such a faithful soul.

Cynnie said...

aww..dont be so cynical..( maybe you're just disillusioned ?)
there are decent people out there..
I promise...

Zee said...

I am blind Cynnie, my freaking white stick beats around the bush and can't show me the way anymore. Will you lead me to the decent people you know about?

And yes, you are right - I am a bit disillusioned, can't help it ... sorry!

Am I cynical? Fuck no - unless you adore the scenario of the movie Titanic to be played in real time.
What's his name, Da Crapio? He was good, romantic and such (good actor as well) but he bet on the wrong boat.
Are we gonna end like him because of some idiots in Washington?
Titanic revisited?
I am not cynical Cynnie, I am only vaguely realistic.

Zee said...

But I do like your motherly stance Cynnie, don't get me wrong...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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