Sunday, May 28

mormor, memorial. memo, minima - what are we celebrating?

The US is celebrating a long weekend. There are a few of those in the course of the year. What do we memorize this time, what are the images that should resound and appear amidst the the fumes of barbecued meats and charcoal induced blisters on your fingers while flapping around the stuff on the grill.
What are we celebrating? Heck, you have to help me out, tell me the whole story!
In the mean time I will celebrate "memorial" day(s) and remember all the things I plan to do before this summer is over.
(Huhhh, in the background of my grey brain cells I memorialize that this holiday has something to do with the end or beginning of violence - am I on the right track?)


Granny said...

Our Courthouse Park is a short 4 block walk from the house. The girls and I will walk down there and say a prayer at the monument for all the dead in all our wars.

We actually observed it formally when I was a girl. How times have changed.


Zee said...

There is a thing called "All souls day" - I believe it is a catholic tradition. In a way I like that one better because it encompasses all who died, not only the soldiers.

Anonymous said...

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