Saturday, May 6

Who is responsible?

My sons birthday was last Monday and he turned twenty. My birthday is next Monday and I will turn 49.
The little bike he used to roam with has been replaced with a "death machine", his own choice. How can I convince him to ride a 250cc or a 500cc to gain experience first, before embarking on a vehicle that thunders down the road with over 100 miles (200 km) if you wish it to do so?
I am afraid he is going to be a bushel of bones if I am not able to make him contemplate. The only pause I have is that the bike is not road-worthy yet. It needs some work before it can launch it's vigor. It might become a "project" or a "mission" for a while.
How do you tame tweens?


Mirvat said...

the picture is amazing zee. i think there is almost nothing ou could do to make a 20 year old change their mind. they pretty much think nothing can stop them at that age and that they have it all covered and know it all. i remember how i acted, it wasn't long ago..

Lindsay Lobe said...

I bought a motor bike myself at 20, much to my Fathers concern.
Fortunately whilst I had many spills -I was never badly hurt. Tell your son that cars and other vehicles can’t see you and roads surfaces make so much difference with only 2 wheels, you never know coming what’s around a corner or will appear on the road in front of you.

That machine is far too powerful for your son, I agree, but I have no answer to it!!
All you can do is try and convince him speed kills, and to travel at reasonable speeds.
I found a 750cc Honda twin cylinder –had huge amounts of power!!

Modern day motor cycles are absurdly powerful.

DA said...

happy belated birthday L! I like the beemer!

Gary said...

Keep reminding him to ride safely and to remember that drivers of cars won't see him so well.

And don't ride it when stoned or drinking.

He'll hear your voice in his ear and be careful I hope.

Teaching my 16 year old daughter to drive just now - I also worry when I imagine her out on the road.

Anonymous said...

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