Sunday, February 18

news from Vinalhaven, the "metropolis" of lobster fishing

Lobster-season is done and over with. Fisherman only trap them now for local supply. But shrimp has swarmed in. You buy them still kicking - and away the go, into a pot of boiling water. Yummy, that's what they call sea-veggies here!

The ferry to my granite island, a peace of shit vessel build in the 50's, but still functioning -sort of...

I am presently working as a common carpenter with a comparative low wage at a 4 million dollar building site. They own 200 acres of this island. The owner, a "she", is 36 and made her fortunes on the stock marked while not making the same mistakes as Martha Steward.
Anyway, I am content where I am and what I do right now. The ocean is my friend, the island my companion.
Island life is different from what happens on the mainland. Time runs at a slower pace here. It makes you realize that "time" is not a quantitative issue. be continued

and the last picture of this series, is especially posted for oaschangel gabe ... click on it and you'll see it grow, even without the help of Viagra.


Gabriel Archangel said...

So !

I finally get to see you work
with the camera I threw after
you when I kicked you and sludz
out of Eden ! Great pictures !
Mood of immensity a n d yes
this is a very special place.

Indeed you're a lucky ass that
your untoward feet may touch
that hallowed ground,Zee !

That is Atlantis country that is.
Happy birthday fucker !


Gabriel Archangel said...

Angels already never look at their footprints let alone archangels.
You should know that Mr.Anthropop !
Now eat your veggies nd
have a nice day

Gabe from the gates.

P.P.S.: remember sludz ?!
The one(s)I had to kick u out w.?!
What a perfect waste of a perfectly
good male rib they were really !
Creator's waste totally !

Zee said...

Oarschangel Gabe,
it is shrimp season - I cook them when they are still kicking, that's what you call fresh sea-veggies here!

Cynnie said...

I miss you ..
Am I ever gonna hear from you again..
be safe and be happy

Zee said...

Cynnie - I like the new pic you have up on your profile, it is sooo you!
Thanks for checking in, I'll be in touch, promise.

Mone said...

Beautiful pictures...very serene :)

amanda said...

The last picture with the footprints is stunning :0)

Meander said...

wow...simply beautiful! i like how you are seem so much happier and serene. this last picture...i could just step into it. thank you for sharing zee.

Before Sunrise said...

Wow Zee... it sounds wonderful. The only thing that doesn't appeal to me so much is the cold, but the last picture, WOW!!