Monday, February 12

not only Jesus walked on water

Yesterday I spotted a neat activity here on the island: Ice-sailing! So when the lobster harvest is over, fisherman tend to hibernate, or in this case, float along the ice.
There is beauty in gliding, as long as you don't slide into a rock, or a rock and a hard place.


Meander said...

oh what stunning i think i will just stay here awhile and absorb these...the light and color. just beautiful.

Granny said...

They're beautiful.

Gabriel Archangel said...

Maine has been declared a national disaster area . ??!!@!

I am responsible for the storms
I unleashed hoping you'd die in them,Zee the traitor.
I am apalled by the fact that you are still alive asshole,let alone able to
maintain your shit peacenik blog and
write defeatist e-mails.

I have to give that fuckhead
archangel {(my ass)and not for much longer either} Michael the bullshit
"face of Christ" another lesson
in warlike attitudes.
Like WW III.

And it's all your fault Zeehole.


Zee said...

Go seek out Freud - Gabe. He is a companion of yours.