Friday, February 2

travelling light, is the only way to fly

Brought my son to JFK airport in NYC (John F. Kennedy). He is leaving for a two month trip to Europe, exploring places and also schools for Bio-Dynamic farming. A last cigarette outside the terminal ...
You see, banning cigarettes in all public places will save the world, prevent wars and stop global warming.
It will also cure obesity (the main cause of heart attacks and deaths in the US), cancer, pollution, terrorism, greed and the diminishing rain forests - it will even save the polar bears ... so they say.

Politicians are so vain. They concentrate on legislation they can easily push through to show success, while the rest of the more important issues go to hell.
It is really time to "think locally and fuck globally" as Gogol Bordello in their simple minded way put it. What that means is to start concentric, from a focal point within, and only then expand to larger circles.
Globalization is a good thing, as long as it does not come down by decree from "above", or from the greed of cooperations.
The ban on smoking (now also in France) is a good visual example how the system should NOT work.
Priorities are wrong.
While we (in the US) save a few dollars in health care ( which is the worst off country in the industrialized world regarding benefits per capita) by banning ciggs, we spend billions of dollars killing and get killed, spewing out trillions worth of ciggs due to SUV's, triple that by not modernizing our coal burning power plants ... and so on. Something is wrong with that picture. Something is wrong with that picture, because the "little man" always looses while the cooperations win - continuously and constantly.
Besides, the so called "night shades", the plants like tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco are of purely American heritage and didn't exist in the rest of the world before the "liberation" of that continent. All of them promote cancer - think of it that way.
But that's not the point. The point is that "the little guy" always has to suffer, while the "big guy" rakes in his profits.
That is what I would call obese.


Ingrid said...

bio dynamic farming, I'm impressed! Isn't that from what's his name who started up the Waldorf schools? (Steiner? An Austrian too am I correct?) I know during our permaculture classes it did get mentioned. I'll be curious what he finds. How much is he into that whole' organic or holistic farming thing? Just curious to know what his previous experience is that makes him want to take bio dynamic farming.
Alrightie Zee, I'll have a tea or something stronger to's the weekend..aaah...

Zee said...

Hi Ingrid,
he is interested to "heal" the earth - not just producing organic veggies, hence Bio-Dynamic.
Yes, it all started with Rudolf Steiner in the 20's ...

Anonymous said...

fy2 and ur selfcongratulatory wayz