Wednesday, February 7

thinking about Atlantis

I am brooding about "global warming" and the consequences. Truthfully, because the so called Gulf Stream in the Atlantic has more and more interruptions, you could call them "black-outs" or stagnation's, the "warming" will actually conclude in a new Ice Age. Humans will have to cope somehow with what they have disturbed, the "life-body" of the earth. The atmosphere is screwed up, so are the oceans (70% of the earth's surface).
Anyhow, I'm thinking of Atlantis and it's magic. A very dear Eskimo friend of mine put it this way:

(the photo is a peace of stained glass at my window, back from the days when I did stain glass)

In the very earliest time,
when both people and animals lived on the earth,
a person could become an animal if he wanted to
and an animal could become a human being.
Sometimes they were people
and sometimes animals
and there was no difference.
All spoke the same language.
That was the time when words were like magic.
The human mind had mysterious powers.
A word spoken by chance
might have strange consequences.
It would suddenly come alive
and what people wanted to happen, could happen -
all you had to do was to say it.
Nobody can explain this:
But that's the way it was!


Cym said...

Interesting words. I kind of like the stained glass too, with its soothing blues and underwater affect.

Zee said...

Cym - good soul, you are still checking in on me despite your absence on blogger. Thanks!

Gary said...

Beautiful glass - you are talented in so many ways man!

Nice words too.

Before Sunrise said...

Zee, beautiful words. Words I agree with 100%. I believe that what we say is what we get and if you believe in something, it will eventually happen. Why? Because I believe the words, the thought, become a part of you.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Cynnie said...


I saw the map of the usa on the weather channel're all blue!

But to be perfectly selfish and shallow..
It's in the mid 70's here ..and relatively low humidity..
So I'm loving it!

I love stained glass..
Poetry I'm iffy on..
But stained glass is always great!

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