Friday, February 2

on the other hand

I am not a math whizz, but I understand that much:
If all the tax-money sucked up from every person for that war in Iraq would be distributed equally to every citizen in the United States, we all would be millionaires - hmmm, not quite but close: $,960,000 per person (that includes Puerto Rico and Hawaii - the present official colonies).
What a life that would be!
On the same token, 61,000 civilians would have still been alive without having this adventure , 2,000 US soldiers still alive - and counting.
Iraq and Afghanistan will go down in history as the biggest nightmare the US has ever encountered. Vietnam will be a charade compared to the Saddam time, the poor devil, compared to the atrocities of what is now happening and still has to come.
Have a great afternoon yah all, sip your tea and relax.

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Mone said...

or with this kind of money, poverty world wide would have been distinguished...I can't get how he was still voted to office for second term, who in his right brain would re-vote for this guy ??