Sunday, February 25

how to make a 40 something woman happy :)

"Before I wither like a dried out cactus plant, I would like you to take some pictures of me", she said. So I did.
Here are a few samples that don't give too much away and you'll still get the mood of this photo session without showing the more explicit shots. It is actually quite a task to enhance and bring out a persons beauty while at the same time trying to diminish "the flaws". For me that process is quite real, and it happens split seconds before I touch the shutter. When the picture is taken, I instantly know if it is going to be a reject, or on the other hand turn out acceptable.
Some people are just plain photogenic, whereas in "real life" they might appear bland. Others look stunningly beautiful in day light, and when you take pictures, that beauty fades away.
With this particular session it was neither here nor there...
Most nude pictures I took in the past were taken from much younger people. Youth has it's advantages you know! So this set belongs to a new category to me, a field I have not walked before ...


Ingrid said...

My husband would LOVE for me to be his nude model and as one of those over 40 women.. I must say I've never been comfortable with that. That said, my husband would still be very happy for me to do the very thing you were doing plus the advantage is that he totally digs my body..'flaws' and all. Cliche, but then, as the dutch saying goes 'for every cup, there is a (matching) saucer..
aaawww chucks!! lol
great pics though Zee. Very 'dove' like ahem.. (if ya know what I mean)

reverb said...

...hey zee
that gal sport a fine body
at least in those shots...

I know what you talking about beatiful in person and not so photogenic to appear in a pict
happens a lot with IMO the real beauty
and happens with the angulated faces, not the rounded ones
I think is for the light and shadows

transient said...

hey Zee, not what i expected when i clicked your blog, just wanted to say hello.

Meander said...

i think these photos turned out very well...the sepia tone is nice...very flattering.

Mone said...

nice pictures and the lighting is great, I like most the first picture on the left (standing at the door)

Cynnie said...

aww..all 40 whatever women need nudies of themselves..
Good Job zee

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