Saturday, February 16

all she does is eat, sleep and piss - I wish I had that kind of life

All right, I have a cat (one of the two, this one is retired now). In human comparison she now hits her mid 80's. What a gal.
Nevertheless, even though gracious, she annoys the heck out of me when I dance over to the studio in the wee hours of the morning before going to work with a hot cup of coffee in hand and then she goes MIAUUUHHH. My nerves can't handle this audible signal that early in the day:
"give me more food, give me more sleep - screw your priorities, provider. To me you are instantly obliged and I just want to eat and sleep, don't you get it?"

I just smile and give her more food. That's all there is to that. I wish I had incarnated as a cat as well!
So there I was, considering a post that dealt with all the recent school shootings of last week. But it was truthfully too depressing to consider for now. Therefore this time the cat comes first.
Have a grand weekend you all!


Cym said...

A small price to pay for captivity and feline companionship.

If cat's have any form of internal dialogue, she's probably thinking,

"If only I were free I would be able hunt my own damn food when I wanted it, and would not need to burden you with my annoying morning pleas for sustenance. So Human, if you're gonna keep me captive, could you at least please do me the courtesy of feeding me, when I am unable to feed myself? It's such a small thing to ask in return for a faithful feline friendship."

If cat's could talk.

Zee said...

Oh Cym,
this cat wasn't ever captive for over ten years. She took care of herself and was gone, sometimes for two weeks at a time.
Now she is just old, too old to go on hunting sprees. That's OK, I accept that. I am providing retirement, that's not too hard to do. So yes, I do feed her every day ... after I had my first third of the cup of coffee I'd just freshly brewed.
It still is annoying to be greeted each day by someone who whines as a greeting "me, me, me". If this would be my partner, I would enjoy my coffee on the balcony - alone!

Cym said...

Oh, OK. But how do you know she's saying, "me, me, me"? Maybe she's really saying, "hello there Zee. Good morning! It's so nice to see you. How are you today? I want to thank you so much for providing me with this nourishing food and shelter and companionship during these golden years of my retirement. So I've decided to not let a single morning pass by without greeting you with these selfless meows of gratitude."

Zee said...

chuckle wholeheartedly "this morning" Cym.

Cym said...

On the subject of school shootings, here's an interesting article showing the possible connections between these shootings and pharmaceuticals:

Mirvat said...

i miss my boys!! i know exactly what you mean and i used to think hell i want to sleep 18 hours a day and wake up just to eat but of course i do that one day and i lose my mind.. i know the feeling when they start crying early in the morning and you just don't want to hear it! worst thing was when i go to bed and one of my cats would stand there by the door crying for a good hour sometimes for me to open the door.. adorable though..

_z. said...

This is why i am dog person.

Zee said...

Dogs and cats,
they are like rats
the moment you please them
they tease your wits,
It is the bargain you take.
You knew it, then you denied it.
Such is life.