Monday, February 25

ok, I get it

when I put out a post about people I despise, I do not get a lot of sympathy, nor any comments. That's interesting.
So let me tell you this, I have all reasons today to abandon my negative stance and begin the next week with smiles and good will. How about that?
You can look forward to a "creative" post again in the next few days.
Be well, Zee.


Jim said...

Hey Zee-

I just wanted you to know that I received my small treasures the other day, the prizes for the Haiku contest.

Thank you very much for for the brass bells which are now hanging in our hallway, and the insult gum has been a fun topic of conversation with friends, over a beer or two...

...or three ;~)

Zee said...

You're welcome Jim - that whole haiku thing was fun!